Street Stock Figure 8 Class Rules

1. Traxxas 2wd slash hcg or Lcg chassis 

2. 12t motor and Xl5 ESC only (no fans) 

3. No aluminum parts EXCEPT for steering rack (bell cranks) and shock caps. 

4. RPM arms, turnbuckles, and Carriers ONLY allowed. NO OTHER RPM PARTS. 

5. Stock Traxxas shocks and springs only, must be plastic body. (Limiters allowed). 

6. Zee 5200 mah 50c battery only.

7. Stock Traxxas servo, $40 or less replacement ok. 

8. Tires:  Speedhawks only 

9. Body: any full fender street stock body, NO WEDGE NOSE. Must be 1/8 scale. 

10. All cars required to have door numbers. 

11. No rear bumpers allowed. 

12. 4mm ride height. 

13. Gear: 23/86 or 16/90 only 

14. $500 claim for any car (no rx/tx or transponder) 

15.  Transmission must be in the stock rear mount position.

16. Anything not listed, will be considered illegal.

RJ Speed Nationals Figure 8


1.  Any RJ Speed or TK Racing chassis
2.  All RJ speed or TK Racing parts other than turnbuckles and steering blocks
3.  No metal bracing or spray foam


1.  20t photon or dynamite motor
2.  5000 mAh or less 6 cell NiMH or NiCd battery

Tires - Bearings

1.  Any foam or rubber tire
2.  Bearings are allowed


1.  Any open front wheel body (like a full-scale modified car)
2.  No metal bracing or spray foam

***Only RJ Speed or TK Racing parts can be used.  No carbon fiber after-market chassis or parts.

***Anything not specified in the rules above is considered illegal.

World Figure 8 Class Rules


1.  Stock Titan 12t 550 motor + stock XL-5/XL-10 esc OR Hobbywing XR10 Justock Sensored Brushless

     ESC/SD G2.1 motor combo (13.5T) HWA38020240

2.  NO modifications to motor, arm, can is permitted.  (Fans and heat sync permitted)


1.  Any full-sized body is legal (Encouraged to run a body that looks close to the real-World Figure 8 cars)

2.  No large wings or air flow control devices (Side panels similar to the World figure 8 cars is permitted)

3.  Recommended bodies are any Mudboss body, or oval late model body with the front fenders trimmed.

4.  Front wheel fenders must be trimmed back away from the front wheels (This is to prevent wedging

    other cars out of the way, which typically results in a flipped car). Think of the marshals on this one!


1.  Any 1/10 scale 2.2” stadium truck rim w/12mm hex

2.  For carpet any slick


1.  Front bumpers - stock Slash bumper (TRA5835) or RPM bumper designed for the stock Slash

    (RPM80022).  Must run a front bumper.

2.  Front bumpers must be exposed to prevent any body wedge upon impact (this is a must!)  There have been cars sent airborne.  Think of the marshal’s safety!

3.  Rear bumper - MUST BE REMOVED


1.  RPM Transmission (RPM73612) is permitted.  

2.  Must use stock Traxxas differential (no diff balls) (TRA2381) (TRA2381X)

3.  Slipper eliminator allowed

4.  Must use stock Traxxas spur gears (#4676, #4683, #4686, #4690)

5.  Can use Traxxas aluminum idler gear (TRA1996X) or Traxxas nylon gears

6.  Transmission must be in the stock rear mount position.

Control Arms

1.  Either Traxxas Slash arms or RPM arms


1.  Any other servo is permitted.  Recommended to run servo protector


1.  Traxxas 2WD chassis.

2.  Can run the LCG pan (TRA5830)

3.  6mm ride height (can run shock limiters)

4.  No modifying of the chassis, must remain original factory shape.

5.  Can remove the internal screw holes to create smooth surface to mount electronics


1.  Max charge on a Lipo battery is 8.44 volts

2.  Any ROAR approved 2s Lipo (Any size Lipo)

3.  Nimh is limited to 7 cells

Springs and Shocks

1.  Any Traxxas spring designed for the stock Slash (Color tag – Blue, white, black, orange, green or pink)

2.  Can run front Traxxas spring on rear shocks

3.  Stock Slash Traxxas plastic shock body

4.  Any length of shaft or hardened shaft is permitted

5.  Can use alternative shock cap (aluminum, hardened)

Miscellaneous parts rules

1.  Aluminum bearing carriers, camber block, shock caps, turnbuckles and steering bell crank are permitted

2.  No aluminum bulkheads or shock towers (Traxxas, RPM or Proline plastic shock towers)

3.  Side pod bumpers are not required

4.  Motor cover is not required

5.  ESC cover box is not required

6.  No minimum or maximum weight

*Any car is subject to inspection anytime during the race night and may be forced to change to keep within the spirit of the series.  This series is supposed to be about fun.