John Fords 17.5 Thunder Truck Rules


 Motor: Roar Legal 17.5 Motor

 ESC: Roar Legal Speed Control Run in Blinky Mode ( 0 Timing 0 Boost )

 Battery: Roar Legal 2s Lipo

 Servo: Any Servo

 Tires/ Wheels: Duratrax Bandito ST

            DTXC3544 (Front) can be run front or rear 

            DTXC3542 (Rear) can be run front or rear 

All fronts or all rears are not allowed. You must have both fronts and rears on the truck and you may run them however you like. 

Body: Delta Plastik


 Chassis: Traxxas Slash (LCG) 2wd


 Stock Transmission case and internals only


 48 Pitch pinion & spur gear only 


 RPM Hubs, Caster blocks and Arms are legal 


 Aluminum Hubs and Caster Blocks Are legal  


 Slash Shocks/ Springs (can be cut up to 5 coils)

Limiters are ok


Aluminum Shock Caps are ok 

 SHOCK/SPRINGS must be stock( Traxxas White Springs)


 Adding weight or shimming suspension Sloop is ok

 Cutting the Chassis or anything to reduce weight is illegal
 Any modifications not specificly listed here  will be considered   illegal.

                                            13.5 Latemodel Rules 

                              Midwest Busch Series 


Updated 09/13/2017

Chassis: Any rear wheel drive pan car chassis    


Must use CRC 2314 Rubber Tires 


Currently approved bodies are as follows:

1. Protoform Gen3 part #123221, #1237-25, #1233-25

2. McAllister part #298 and #299

3. Tracks may allow different bodies accordingly at their discretion.

For all approved bodies a spoiler with a max height of 1.5” from the deck lid may be used (spoiler optional). Wings of any type may not be used. Rear of body left in. 4 1/4" roof height / 2 1/2" center of front hood height.

Bodies must resemble a racecar with car numbers on sides/roof, with grill/headlights (decal or painted). Fender decals required (minimum of 5).


Must use 48 pitch 81 tooth spur and 20 – 26 pinion.


Any 1800mah 6-cell stick pack only. May use connectors of choice. Batteries can not be opened from original factory state. No receiver packs allowed.

Winners or TQs battery can be claimed for $20 by any other racer in that class (end of event)(first come first serve).


Must use Duratrax Photon 2 brushed motor. Motors can not be opened from original factory state. You can solder direct. No fans or heat sinks allowed. (NO MOTOR FREEZING)

Winners or TQs motor can be claimed for $20 by any other racer in that class (end of event)(first come first serve).

Weight and Ride Height:

38 ounces race ready. 4mm ride height.Rules may be tweaked and changed as needed

Oval Racing.

                          2WD STOCK SLASH
1. Truck must be a 2WD Traxxas Slash
2.  Battery - Any 2 cell Lipo 65c max or 6-7 cell NiMH allowed
3.  Motor - Must be Traxxas Titan 12T 550 motor
4.  Electronics - Must be Traxxas XL-5 ESC and #2075 Servo, but can be any radio/reciever combo.
5.  Shocks - Must be stock Traxxas Slash shocks and springs (You may use any weight shock oil and aluminium caps).
6.  Gearing - Any 48 pitch spur and pinion combination.
7.  Body - Any short course body that covers all 4 wheels when looking down on the truck.
8.  Must use only Traxxas Slash parts
9.  Tires - Must be box stock Slash tires and wheels (S1 soft compound tires are not allowed).
10. Ride Hight rule Truck Shall Be no lower than 23 mm    
11.  Anything not listed above is not legal in this class!

​​​​                17.5 Nascar Xfinity Car Series:

 This class is for someone looking to get into pan car racing on a more serious              level but is on a budget. 

 Here are the rules:

 Bodies: The only legal bodies for this class are

Protoform GEN3 C or GEN3 C lightweight
Protoform GEN3 D or GEN3 D lightweight
McAllister Xfinity Camaro #298
McAllister Xfinity Mustang #299 Rear of the body must remain intact.

 Chassis: Any 1/10 scale pan car chassis

 ESC: The legal esc’s for this class are

Hobbywing Justock or Hobbywing XR-10 Justock Only!

 Motor: Only motor allowed will be Turnigy Trackstar 17.5 version 1. The motor cannot be altered in anyway!

 Tech: All motors batteries and esc’s will be inspected sealed and if seal is broken it must be reinspected!

Battery: The only legal batteries for this class will be the SMC 4000 25C spec pack #4025 or the SMC 4300 25C 1s TOUR Spec Lipo Pack (4325) deans connector still attached. Battery temp must be max of 90 degrees when cars are brought to the tech table.

 Battery Voltage: The max battery voltage for xfinity will be 4.22. If your car is brought to tech higher than 4.22 you will be required to run it down to 4.20 this allows for voltage creep. No sneak circuits or any additional power sources to motor other than main battery, no exceptions! SIRCS reserves the right to tech or in line voltage test at anytime!

 Tires: World GT Tires are only tires allowed. Tires must be Japanese R4 compound 38 shore. Tire must have purple indicator ring on it and still intact. BSR,TM,CRC,RC4LESS or GQ RACING are the only approved brands!

 Ride Height: Ride Height for this class is 4mm this is to ensure the cars do not hit the racing surface.

 Weight: Cars must weigh a minimum of 36oz .






Stock Spec Mudboss
Midwest Busch Series 
13.5 spec pan car
17.5 NasTruck
13.5 Late Model
Street Stock
Novice Slash
Stock Slash

​Any Class with 3 Entries 

                                        Outlaw VTA Oval

BODY... USVTA legal body and rules. Any vintage body not on the list (Datsun, Nissan,etc) will be decided upon by the spirit of the class. No added wings or spoilers unless already in VTA rules. No driver figure required

 TIRES... VTA tire rules as well. As the new VTA rules change we will follow suit but will have a month compliance period to use up what we have. Exceptions will be made if there is another tire crisis.

CHASSIS... This is a shaft drive class. Chassis's include TC3, TC4 and TTO2. Any other chassis's will need prior approval by the group and be based on keeping things competitive.

 BATTERY... 2cell Lipo ROAR approved (8.4 volts max). No C rating cap.

 ESC... Hobbywing JustStock any variety. Any other esc that is locked or incapable of timing or boost. JustStock is preferred as this will eliminate variables or complaints.

 MOTORS... Trackstar V2 Stock Spec 21.5

 This class is meant for new comers and medium skill level driver. It's meant to be fun and enjoyable. The idea is to keep cost down so it remains fun. This is the reason for the shaft drive cars ( Brand new TC4 and TTO2 can be had for 150 about). This also allows the class to stay competitive with each other. The ESC and motor combo's cost less then a hundred bucks.

Any exceptions or changes to rules will be based on keeping things fun, close and decided upon by the group.

As always the race director has final say in all matters.

         Specific Oval Racing Rules

Oval Classes (except Xfinity and Mudboss)

 1.  Oval Classes will follow T.O.U.R Rules.  Please click the following link for these rules. 

                 Mudboss Class Rules
1.1 - Any minor modification to the body must be approved before being allowed


2.1 - TRAXXAS 2wd (SLASH or RAPTOR) chassis only
2.2 - Original MFG suspension parts only, no other parts allowed (such as from RPM)
2.3 - Original MFG chassis parts only, no aftermarket hop-ups, no optional aluminium parts 2.4 - Front bumper and front body post brace must be removed
2.4.1 - Side and rear bumpers can also be removed (if desired)
2.5 - TRAXXAS front optional bumper (TRA2735) can be used (angled down)
2.6 - No major alterations to the chassis (such as holes, or removal of material)
2.7 - TRAXXAS Low CG chassis is allowed on CARPET TRACKS (not mandatory)
2.8 - Electronics (rx/esc/amb) must be installed within chassis surface (no outside installation) 2.9 - Battery brace can be trimmed to allow different LiPo battery wire configuration


3.1 -3.1 - ROAR legal 13.5 sensored brushless motor (Modified/13.5 Spec) (approval date is set to October 1st 2016)
3.2 - spec SPEED CONTROLLER (no timing (boost) option TEKIN GEN2 SPEC, HW justock/XR10 stock spec, NOVAK GTB(#)/Edge...or any other ESC that has no timing (boost) profile available)

3.3 - Original TRAXXAS 2075 servo
3.3.1 - The “SAVOX SC-0252MG Digital Servo” is allowed, this is the only ‘alternative’ servo
3.4 - it is allowed to 'pin' the servo saver(white) or bell crank(black) advised the servo gears might get broken under a heavy crash!!!
3.4.1 - original TRAXXAS plastic servo saver/bell crank only (white or black system) it is allowed to mix the components (ie.. black servo horn with white bell crank)
3.5 - 2-cell 7.4v LiPo battery with a maximum of 5200mah and 50c, with external plug only (no “bullet type” connector)


4.1 - TRAXXAS 76/83/86/90 spur with all transmission parts in place (slipper)
4.2 - Any pinion size
4.3 - No modifications can be made to the transmission’s case (ie.. to allow a bigger gear ratio)
4.4 - The gear cover must be off at all times to allow for visual inspection (CARPET)...and removed if asked by tech officials (DIRT)
4.5 - The only adjustments allowed to the car are those allowed by the original MFG components of the car
4.6 - You are allowed to use any original wheel spacer combination (Black, Grey or any combination of both)
4.7 - Transmission functionality rule (motor can not spin while turning slowly one rear wheel a full turn)


5.1 - TRAXXAS 2WD plastic shocks only (grey or black version) (fronts in front, rears in rear)
5.2 - Original Rear(TRAXXAS 5858) and Front springs (TRAXXAS 5857) (no LCG kit springs or aftermarket springs)
5.3 - Front springs may be cut in order to shorten them (no more than 5 round removed)
5.4 - The shock’s travel may be shortened with internal shims (ie..fuel tube or solid shims...)
5.5 - Original shafts in original cylinder (length and type in proper cylinder)
5.6 - Original pistons from kit only (original 1,2 or 3 hole), no modifications can be made to them
5.7 - No front bump stop suspension, a single original blue bump stop can be used per rear shock (not mandatory)
5.8 - No shimming allowed (to reduce slop in suspension parts)
5.9 - All suspension parts must remain in original positions it was designed for
5.9.1 - rear camber links must remain in original height position (upper hole on shock tower not allowed as some trimming is needed)


6.1 - TRAXXAS Low CG chassis is allowed
6.2 - JACO tires (JAC2055LP) only **can be trued**
6.3 - Plastic Wheel cap are allowed with a max dia of 3.125” and must be secured with a min of 2 screws/wheel 6.4 - You may use a bead of “CA” type glue or ‘’tape’’ to the tire’s side wall to reduce the car’s aggressiveness 6.5 - ODORLESS tire additives only (ie..SXT, J/DUB, STICKY FINGERS, ...)
6.6 - all other rules specified earlier in sections 1-2-3-4-5 stays the same

7 CARPET OVAL SETUP SUGGESTION FOR 155' flat carpet with snowbird size ice

Ratio: 76 spur / 30 pinion (3.75” tires), 13.5 motor timing set at 50deg
Shocks: outer holes on all four A-arms / 2-hole pistons on lefts 1-hole on rights / 70 wt oil in LR,LF and 100wt in RF,RR / 0.700’’ limiter (fuel tube) in front shocks / 0.800’’ (fuel tube) limiter in rear shocks
Rear hub carrier hinge pin location / use the LOWER hole, “CA” glue on RF tire edge
Camber: LF 2 RF -1 LR 5 RR -4 

                             Street Stock Rules 

•Any `1/10 scale buggy chassis.
•Rear motor configuration only. (No mid motor configuration)
•No truck chassis are allowed or truck a-arms.
•Battery must be down the center of the chassis.
•Lowering kits are allowed along with touring shocks and a speedy's kit.  No other home made kit with be allowed.
•Aftermarket body mounts and bumpers are allowed but metal bumpers or body parts are not permitted. 
•Limiting of shocks is allowed inside the shock.
•Wheelbase: 9.5" min, 10 1/4”max
•No adjustable a-arms or modifying the holes in the chassis to change the angle of the a-arms.
•All weight added must be inside the chassis.
•Minimum weight of 59 ounces.

•Any Mcallister or Custom works Street stock body.
•No open wheeled bodies are allowed.
•No decking the bodies, no vent holes, the car must have a complete windshield.
•Rear spoilers are optional.  They can only be one inch off the rear deck and no side panels.

Motor, ESC & Battery:
•Any ROAR Approved 17.5 sensored motor and or the Traxxas 12 turn motor.
•No parts of either style motors may be modified, altered or removed in any way
•Any ROAR Approved 1/10 scale ESC in "BLINKY"
•Stock blue esc xl5 must be used with the Traxxas 12 turn motor.
•No “Outlaw” motors.

•Any rubber rubber tire. No foams or large lug tires allowed.

•Any ROAR approved 2 cell Lipo ( Maximum 8.4 volts).

​​Southern Indiana RC Speedway