​​Southern Indiana RC Speedway

                  1/12 Scale On Road
1.Minimum weight of 1.75 lbs or 28 ozs.
2. Can-Am, GTP, or WSC style bodies.
3. 17.5 turn brushless motor
4. ROAR legal ESC in blinky mode
5. 1S LiPo battery​

12th Scale


Vaterra Spec

17.5 Touring Car



Novice Slash

Stock Slash

On Road Racing

Vintage Trans Am (VTA)

Please see VTA  Rules at the following website 

TT02 Rules

Please see TT02 rules at the following  websiteType your paragraph here.

F1 Rules

Please see F1 rules at the following website

  Vaterra V-100 S RTR Spec         

This is a beginner class no seasoned racers should not be entering this class. This class is intended for new racers and Kids
Must run car completely stock any Vaterra V-100 S RTR 
Vatterra Bodies only


​Stock or any 1800 Nimh Stick pack, must be unaltered, can change connector 
May change out radio gear not servo

Some parts may be upgraded if they are deemed a problem
(Example If we keep finding that caster blocks keep breaking then we will allow the use of a upgraded part )
If you have to ask it is probably not legal.. Type your paragraph here.

​​Specific On Road Racing Rules Links 

          17.5 Touring Car
1.  4WD touring car chassis
2.  Jaco Blue rubber touring car tires Part# JAC2432
3.  17.5 brushless motor (any Stock/17.5 Spec from ROAR Approved Brushless Motor List)
4.  7.4v hardcase LiPo battery
5.  1350g minimum weight
6.  No boost/turbo/timing advance (Tekin V212 or newer in spec/blinky mode or any other ESC with no timing boost)
7.  Any ROAR legal sedan body (T2 Electric Touring)

2WD Stock Slash
1. Truck must be a 2WD Traxxas Slash
2.  Battery - Any 2 cell Lipo 65c max or 6-7 cell NiMH allowed
3.  Motor - Must be Traxxas Titan 12T 550 motor
4.  Electronics - Must be Traxxas XL-5 ESC and #2075 Servo, but can be any radio/reciever combo.
5.  Shocks - Must be stock Traxxas Slash shocks and springs (You may use any weight shock oil and aluminium caps).
6.  Gearing - Any 48 pitch spur and pinion combination.
7.  Body - Any short course body that covers all 4 wheels when looking down on the truck.
8.  Must use only Traxxas Slash parts
9.  Tires - Must be box stock Slash tires and wheels (S1 soft compound tires are not allowed).  
10.  Anything not listed above is not legal in this class!
11. Transmission functionality rule (motor can not spin while turning slowly one rear wheel a full turn) 
12 Ride Hight must clear 23 mm Type your paragraph here.