Euro Truck

        This is a pure box stock class open to any skill level hobbyist.

 1. Legal kits: Item 58632 RC Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS (TT-01 type E chassis) &

Item 58642 RC Team Reinert Racing MAN TGS (TT-01 type E chassis)

 2. The kit must be built EXACTLY per the instruction manual.

 3. The ONLY Hop-Op Option permitted is Ball Bearings. (ANY BRAND of bearing)

 4. Must use stock pinion and spur gear.

 5. The kit Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC and kit supplied motor (item 54358 RS-540 TorqueTuned Motor) must be used. Battery connector may be changed to DEANS type. Motor Bullet connectors may not be removed. NOTE: ESC & Motor wires may not be shortened!

 6. All body parts must be used.

 7. All screws in the kit must be used. I.E. You may not omit screws to change the handling of the truck.

 8. Minimum Weight: 1450 grams. Adding heavy ballast for low CG is prohibited.

 9. Adding FOAM material to the kit foam bumper is permitted.

 10. Must use kit tires and wheels. Kit tires may be glued onto wheel. 

 11. Any grease or lube may be used to lubricate gears or moving parts.

 12. Batteries: Peak Racing 4200 mah 45c Lipo Battery   

​                                                                                                          Touring Car

​​1.  4WD touring car chassis.
2.  Jaco Blue rubber touring car tires or Gravity touring tires.
3.  21.5 brushless motor (any Stock/17.5 Spec from ROAR Approved Brushless Motor List).
4.  7.4v hardcase LiPo battery.
5.  1350g minimum weight.

6.  No boost/turbo/timing advance (Tekin V212 or newer in spec/blinky mode or any other ESC with no timing boost).
7.  Any ROAR legal sedan body (T2 Electric Touring).

US Vintage Trans Am (U.S. ​​VTA)

 1. Body: Late '60s to early '70s American pony car Vintage Trans-Am bodies only.

       a. For the HPI, Bolink/RJ Speed Mustangs and McAllister Cougar which are not provided with

a spoiler: A lexan spoiler of 16mm total height from trunk deck, and overall chord of 20mm is allowable.

All other bodies must use the spoiler included with that specific body set. Built in spoilers may not be enhanced.

​       b. Body provided deck lid spoilers allowed (not wings). No additional skirts or raised/extended wings or air control surfaces allowed unless specified by these rules. Body must be trimmed at body trim lines. Front spoiler may be extended into body to provide durability. Full rear bumper required. It is highly preferred that bodies are detailed in race type livery in period-correct paint schemes. Fluorescent colors, wild graphics, chromes and non-period correct paint schemes are frowned upon. All cars must have a number on the hood, both doors and trunk lid. Wheel covers of any type are NOT allowed. Altering the body for the purpose of lightening by sanding, scraping, or any other method is ILLEGAL.

 2. All cars must include a driver figure consisting of at least a head and shoulders.

 3. Tire & Wheel Specifications: The only tires allowed are PROTOform VTA Rear Tires (31mm) and PROTOform VTA Front Tires (26mm), using stock tire inserts provided with tire and any HPI or Protoform Vintage wheels designed to fit these tires. All other tires and/or part numbers are illegal. Wheels and tires designated as "front" must be used as front tires/wheels, "rear" wheels/tires must used as rears. Five or Eight spoke wheels available in various colors. 0mm offset front wheels and 6mm offset rear wheels are intended for 26mm width fronts and 31mm width rear tires. 

  4. Grinding of tire tread is NOT permitted. Sanding of mold seam to remove seam is allowed. Tire traction compounds are at the discretion of the track. No other altering, changing or softening of the tire is allowed. Tires may not be belted or changed to prevent "ballooning". All decisions of the race promoter or track owner are final. No "double stuffing" of foam inserts allowed—only single stock vintage tire inserts are allowed.

​  5. Chassis Specification: Four Wheel Drive touring car chassis only. Any era or brand 4wd chassis is allowed. ***All Cars must be Full Time 4wheel drive no “1-way” diff or pulley system is allowed***.

 6. Motor Specifications: Any ROAR approved 25.5 motor that is on the ROAR list and only 12.3 rotor Novak SS25.5 Pro brushless motor or Ballistic 25.5 Club or Boss are grandfathered in and also legal.

 7. Approved ESCs: ANY ESC that is ROAR approved and using ROAR approved “Blinky” spec software or on this list.

 8. Battery Specifications:ROAR approved 7.4v 2 cell LiPo hard cased, 6000mAh MAX limit.

 9. Ride Height Specification: Minimum ride height is 5mm on Carpet.

10. Weight Specification: Minimum 1450g in race-ready trim.​​

                                                            Stock 12th Scale

​​1. Minimum weight of 1.75 lbs or 28 ozs.
2. Can-Am, GTP, or WSC style bodies.
3. 17.5 turn brushless motor
4. ROAR legal ESC in blinky mode
5. 1S LiPo battery​

On-Road Racing

12th Scale GT


 1. Any stock 1/12th scale rear wheel drive, ball diff chassis.

 2. CRC front spec tire (CLN 2230) CRC rear spec tire (CLN 2232). Tire diameter may NOT be cut

down from out of package for better handling. Tire diameter may only be changed by tire wear.

 3. Turnigy Track Star 21.5 motor unaltered. (Plans to change next season)

 4. 78 tooth 64p spur gear only.

 5. 45 tooth 64p pinion gear only.

 6. Any 1S esc set in "Blinky Mode".

 7. Any 1S Battery under $75.00 list price.

 8.​ Approved bodies:

     Protoform Part # PFM-12

    Tamiya 1991 Lemans Part # 51520

    Tamiya 956-RM01 Part # 51491

    Tamiya TOMS 84C/RM01 Part # 51486

​    Mcallister Dodge Charger Part # 94

    Mcallister Monty Carlo Part # 95

    1/12 Chevy Corvette 

    Any "GATE" legal body

Euro Truck


Stock 12th Scale

12th Scale GT



​17.5 Touring Car

RTR Touring

F1 Rules

1. Formula 1 cars from any year that are a realistic representation of an original

FIA Formula 1 car may be raced in this class.

2. Cars will be painted and detailed to resemble a Formula 1 car. Drivers may have to

show that the paint scheme, layout and detailing have appeared on a full­-size Formula 1 car if requested. Random color schemes with no detailing are discouraged.

3.​ Chassis based on other classes (GT10 or 12th Scale) are not allowed.

4. ​All cars must conform to appearance, radio, general, battery and motor rules and comply with the ‘spirit’ of 1/10th scale Formula 1 cars. All decisions of the track/race director organizing a race concerning appearance and 'spirit' are final. 

5. Any commercially available F1 car kit is allowed providing it complies with the dimension rules and has rear axle hex wheel fitment.

6.​ Wheelbase max 285mm, width max 190mm.

7.​ Minimum weight: 2S 21.5/25.5 Class 1050g including timing equipment

8. Maximum wheel width 40mm

9.​ F1 car wings must be to scale and be commercially available; otherwise they are free ­ i.e. you can mix different kit wings. Turning vanes, third wings, diffusers, etc. are free but must be to scale.

10. ​Grill and air vents may be cut to the original size and position only.

11.​ Chassis modifications are allowed, providing the car still meets general requirements.

12. Rear wheel drive only is allowed. 

13. Front independent suspension is allowed. Suspension pick up points must be mounted inside the body.

14.​ All radio, electronics & lap counting equipment (excluding aerial) must be housed inside the body shell.

15. No part of the chassis may protrude outside the body shell when viewed from above. All horizontal parts of the chassis must be inside the body.

16. Tires must be black except for sidewall detail.

17.​ The Tamiya “TCS” or Calandra “CRC” side wall tires are recommended.

18.​ Only hex­fitting rear wheels are allowed. Wheels using bolt fittings (such as 12th / GT10 wheels) or narrow wheels designed for Touring Cars are not allowed. Only wheels designed and sold for F1 cars are allowed. 

19. Motors allowed – any 21.5/25.5 motor listed in the ROAR lists as updated from time to time.

20. Motors must conform to the relevant technical specifications detailed in ROAR Rules.​ 25.5 ROAR spec motors are the standard for this class. 21.5T class may use a 21.5T brushless motor approved on ROAR list if 21.5 is the standard locally and 25.5 is not offered.

22. Any 2S pack conforming to the current Electric ROAR battery list. 3.2​ 2S with a maximum nominal voltage of 7.4v.​​

​                                                                                                          RTR Touring Car

This Class intended for new racers getting started in the hobby

Any Brushed motor RTR Shaft drive touring car Chassis
(Examples Are)
Traxxas 4 Tec
Vaterra V100
HPI - Sprint 2, Sport 3

(Cars must be run on stock RTR tires)

May be run with any 190mm or 200mm body
Body must be run as it comes out of the package.

LIPO batterys are allowed up to 35c rating max
Any NIMH batterys allowed


1. Any 1/10 4wd or Fwd sedan with 4 wheel independent suspension.

2. Minimum 1380g in race-ready trim. Fwd no minimum weight.

3. Any 190mm or 200mm body. Body can be anybody that is NOT or HAS BEEN on the ROAR T2 body list. FWD encouraged to use FWD bodies. Can AM or IMSA style bodies, similar to 1/12 or 1/8 bodies using an integrated wing are illegal. EX: Porsche 962 style bodies or LeMans P1. Japanese GT OK. German DTM OK. NO Trucks, vans, minivans, school buses, garbage trucks, ultility vehicles, moon landers, zambonis, golf carts, quads, etc allowed. No fantasy or unproduced concept vehicles. Altering the body for the purpose of lightening by sanding, scraping, or any other method is ILLEGAL.

4. Any "SCALE" molded wings can be used. Lexan wings 10mm maximum height / side dam height.

5. Scale type race liveries encouraged.

​6. The Ride spec tire will become the official spec tire for USGT RIE24025 - set of 4 available through Gravity RC. Tires- RIE24025 - set of 4 available through Gravity RC. Grinding of tire tread is NOT permitted. Sanding of mold seam to remove seam is allowed. MUST USE INCLUDED INSERTS. 

7. Any 24mm - 26mm spoke (non-dish) type wheel.

8. Minimum ride height is 5mm on Carpet

9. 21.5 ROAR Approved No tuning rotors, must use OEM rotor.

10. ANY ESC that is ROAR approved and using ROAR approved “Blinky” spec software or on the USVTA list.

​11. Any 7.4v 2s ROAR approved hard case batteries.