Safety is our first priority!  If you see something that is unsafe, please report it to the Race Director immediately.

1:  Have Fun!  We all have our own definition of what is fun.  Please use common sense.

2.  Do not walk on the track unless you are marshalling, fixing the track, taking pictures or retrieving a car.  When you do walk on the track, wipe your feet first.

3:  All cars must be no lower than a minimum 4mm ride height.  This is to protect the track carpet.


  • Legal:  SXT Regular, SXT Lite, Baja Max, JDub’s
  • Illegal:  SXT Max (Red cap), any tire dope not specified in the Legal category

5:  Your car must be on the “Tech table” the race before your race.  This assures everyone is prepared for their race and helps the event stay on schedule.

6:  All cars must be “Put In” and “Taken Out” in Turn 4 ONLY to avoid unnecessary collisions and broken cars.

7:  You can ONLY drive from the driver’s stand.  Driving from anywhere else is immediate disqualification from your race.

8:  If you stop on the track to make adjustments, pull into the infield to avoid unnecessary collisions and broken cars.

9YOU ARE REQUIRED TO MARSHAL AFTER YOU RACE.  After your race, put your car on the “Impound table” and go back out to marshal.  If you cannot marshal due to physical/health issues it is your responsibility to find someone to take your place marshalling.  You can be docked a lap for chronically not marshalling.

  •  Do not leave your marshalling station until the race is over
  •  Do not work on cars while marshalling
  •  Do not play on your phone when you are supposed to be marshalling
  •  Do not sit in a chair while marshalling
  •  No children under the age of 8 are allowed to turn marshal.
  •  Please wear shoes that allow you to run.  No flip flops, sandals, or open toed shoes are allowed when turn marshaling.

10:  No short tracking – 1 lap penalty.

11:  Do not drive against the flow of traffic or use reverse at any time during the race day.

12:  Do not continue to drive a broken car.  This can cut the carpet.  Your car will be black flagged.

13:  Race Directors are in charge and have a final say in any decision made.

14:  Be courteous to other drivers and their vehicles.  Do not crash other people on purpose.  You can be disqualified for intentionally wrecking other drivers.

15:  Do not yell or make comments to the marshals before, during or after a race.

16:  Do not come off of the drivers stand during a race for any reason.  It distracts the other drivers and can block their vision.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

17:  Lapped traffic needs to try to move over for the leaders. There is no reason a driver 2 or 3 laps down should be interfering and taking out or slowing down the leaders.

18:  Any driver found guilty of placing fellow racers, turn marshals, mechanics, or spectators in harm’s way will be asked to leave immediately and you will also forfeit any fees paid.

19:  If you are not racing or practicing, please do not enter the driver’s stand.

20:  Battery rule:  4.22 max volts (1 cell) / 8.44 (2 cell) max volts.

21:  No 1/8 scale RC’s are allowed.

22:  Zero Tolerance Policy – No yelling, fighting, threatening, whining, arguing, trash talking, or sabotaging other drivers.

23:  All participants must pay for practice and racing prior to placing your vehicles on the track.

24:  No foul language.  Children do not like to hear it! (And most of their parents!) Please keep it PG.

25:  Smoking is only allowed in our designated outdoor area (rear of the building).

26:  No Food or Drinks are allowed on the Track or Driver Stand.

27:  Please help keep our facility clean by picking up after yourself. We have Trash cans throughout our facility.  Please use them!