​​Southern Indiana RC Speedway

                                                           RACING RULES
#1. No Reverse - 1 lap penalty.
#2. Do not come off of the drivers stand during a race for any reason.  It distracts the other drivers and can block their vision.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
#3. Do not yell at or criticize the marshals. They are there to help you.
#4. No short tracking – 1 lap penalty. 
#5. Do not crash people on purpose. You can be disqualified for this.
#6. The Race Director will have the ultimate responsibility in determining what is fair and legal in all classes. 
#7. Note NEW BATTERY RULE effective 10/1/15.

#1. 3 minutes between heats. We will start the race without you!
#2. Do not walk on the jumps!
#3. Use common sense – do not sit your car down or stop in the straightaways and do not walk in front of traffic.
#4. Not really a rule, but needs mentioned. Lap traffic needs to try to get over for the leaders. There is no reason a driver 2 or 3 laps down should be interfering and taking out or slowing down the leaders. 
#5.  If you race, you need to marshal.  If you can't marshal, you need to find a replacement for yourself.